Indigenous fashion brands to know and a virtual world market to shop!

Indigenous fashion brands to know and a virtual world market to shop!

Indigenous fashion has been around for many years. Chances are you’ve probably worn a few pieces but are unsure of its deep-rooted cultural meaning, or of the people who create it. So, what exactly does indigenous mean and where can you show your support while shopping. We’ve gathered all the details to enlighten you on the beautiful cultural meaning, a list of 10 fashion brands to support, as well as information on the longest-running market that supports indigenous creatives.

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What does Indigenous mean? 

The indigenous culture derives from people of unique languages, knowledge systems, and beliefs of sustainable practices of natural resources. Their ancestral land is of fundamental importance for cultivating their values, vision, traditions, and survival of life. According to the, there are over 370 million indigenous people spread across 70 countries worldwide, from the Arctic to the South Pacific. Like many countries, the meaning indigenous can have a preference to first peoples/nations, tribes, ethnic primitive groups such as Adivasi or Janajati to name a few. With a deep-rooted cultural feeling of neglect, lack of socially, politically, and economic support and marginalization of property, Indigenous people have long expressed struggles and triumphs through elaborate woven garments, exquisite beading, and hand-crafted details. Their garments go beyond a fashion statement to symbolize strength, empowerment, and unity by breaking industry barriers. 

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This top 10 list of indigenous fashion creators will surely catch your attention! From hand-beading accessories to sewing and weaving footwear, you’ll be captivated with the designs that tell a unique story of the culture in which they represent. From places like Muscogee (Creek), Acoma Pueblo to the Tlingit from Carcross Tagish First Nation, each designer and brand represent worldly tribes and communities that are well respected in the indigenous fashion world.

10 Indigenous Fashion Brands Shop

  1. Winston Paul
  2. Orenda Tribe 
  3. Decolonial Clothing Co.
  4. Rainy Dawn Ortiz
  5. Makwa Studio
  6. Niio Perkins
  7. Ginew 
  8. Dickson Designs
  9. White Bear Moccasins
  10. John Murie

Be sure to read about these brands at their about pages to learn the meaning behind their designs and how you can support them.

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The Santa Fe Indian Market  

Photo taken from Southwestern Association for Indian Artists

Did you know there is also an Indigenous Indian artist-world market that you can shop and show support? The historical New Mexico Santa Fe Indian Market attracts millions of visitors and collectors from around the world each year and is a town staple that is hosted annually during the month of August. It showcases beautiful Indian artwork, fashion garments, and accessories, and this year, in efforts to continue the 98-year long event through the pandemic, they are hosting a virtual market to keep the tradition alive. The Virtual Market will showcase over 400 Native American artists from the U.S. with a mission to bring Native Artists to the forefront. It is well known for fostering education, creating meaningful partnerships, and for being a place where time meets tradition and innovation. In the month-long virtual event happening August 1st through the 31st, tour their list of vendors and shop till you drop directly from each website link listed. You can also donate to show your support for the Santa Fe Indian Market.

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There is so much beauty and diversity in the world to discover. If you know of any brands we did not mention, be sure to drop it in the article comments section and don’t forget to like and follow us on all major platforms. For more global awareness, fashion news, pop culture, beauty content, and the Texas fashion industry, stay tuned, right here on

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