Pandemic compromise yields yet another inspired path. We review Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2020.

Pandemic compromise yields yet another inspired path. We review Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2020.

To love Roland Mouret is to love folds, femininity, and fit. On the cusp of canceling his Fall 2020 collection, Mouret took to the design board to let go of any disappointments and create yet another example of pandemic compromise turned art in his Pre-Fall 2020 collection.

Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2020

One could argue that this pandemic has been a sort of cleansing for many fashion design professionals, leaving behind the pressures to overproduce for the machine and in turn, tuning into the true source of their passion – art, design, the human body, and creativity walking.

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Mouret, known for his origami-esque fluidity, confesses that dedication to the industry’s “seasons” was already losing its grip on him and that the pandemic allowed for more creative freedoms than usual. In the process of creating under quarantine, the designer found new ways to produce less waste and base designs on weather and customer need instead of other industry pressures and factors. The result – a beautiful, wearable collection that exudes true Mouret essence while compromising absolutely nothing. And we love it.

Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2020

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Many brands or collections as of lately have had a slightly different feel from what they normally produce. All have given credit to pandemic limitations, and Mouret is no stranger to this. While seeking new ways to respect current safety measures, Mouret partnered with Alain Pichon, a long time friend, and fourth-generation hairdresser for the campaign. The studio was a far cry from the glamour of a large scale professional cyclorama. Instead, the pair took social distancing seriously and shot the entire campaign in a smaller improvised space with a self-made white background.

Roland Mouret, left, Photo by William Jaspert
Alain Pichon, right, Photo Courtesy of Bi-o


Because campaign hair and makeup sessions do not lend themselves to guaranteed safety, the artists set out to create colorful wigs instead. The goal, to echo and complement the bright colors, signature folds, and languid lines within the collection. Many times, the hair paralleled the flirty shapes of a flowing skirt or hinted at the subtle shapeshift at the end of a piece. Other times, the hair was completely separate, a statement on its own, but somehow blended perfectly to harmonize the entire look. All styles however unapologetically drape over half the face, a beautiful metaphor for perhaps how the presence of masks has taken a toll on our emotional psyche. A truly lovely triumph in sophisticated subtlety that’s not overdone and perfectly reserved.

Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2020

“The wigs give a certain surreal aspect to the looks,” Mouret said in a recent press release and although he understands that “home wear” is the norm for now, he expressed how fashionable people may still want to “celebrate the moment” when it comes to dressing for a day (or night), this expressly felt with his one silver disco dress.

Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2020

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Mouret still has no plans to showcase in September. Instead, he is moving forward with the safe re-opening of his Carlos Place store in London’s Mayfair and recently held the grand opening of his new location in Bicester Village in Oxfordshire, England. Like everyone else, priority has been put on how to conduct business safely while not compromising the customer experience.

Roland Mouret in London

The overall takeaway when reviewing this collection was that while this pandemic seems to have hindered many aspects of life, it has also spawned an array of creative compromises turned inspired art. From taking fashion shows on the road to filming them in wheat fields, the beauty of what we are facing right now is that artistry is back. True artistry. Not the kind that’s forced out on schedule, but the kind that bleeds from difficult times and limitations. The kind that allows us to be human and interesting.

And although we still have a hard road ahead, at the very least we can look forward to a new way. A clean slate. A time to embrace a new-new and shed any obstacle that has hindered us in the past. The gift of time is still present for us all. May we find our new way, and may art take new flights.

We believe the best is yet to come.

Roland Mouret Pre-Fall 2020

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