6 ways to adapt your business during the Pandemic. How do you measure up?

6 ways to adapt your business during the Pandemic. How do you measure up?

Feeling like your fashion business could use a boost of encouragement and tips? We’re all clinging to hope and continue to adjust our business model to meet the needs of our customers while keeping our finances afloat. In efforts to continue to motivate, encourage, and support our Texas fashion community and beyond, we have put together 6 ways to adapt your fashion business during the pandemic.

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1. First and Foremost, How Strong is Your Website Game?

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So how strong is your website game today? When social media took the forefront years ago, websites took the backseat and it was important to have a strong brand message on a single profile page. Now, since the pandemic, your website traffic might have increased, and revamping it may be just what you’ll need to build even more engagement and brand trust with fickle consumers. It’s time to analyze how your website holds up against the sophistication or true representation of your products. Are you guilty of leaving an outdated design to communicate who your business is now? Perhaps, you still don’t even have a website. First steps first, take a long hard look at your website (or lack of) and make sure it’s phenomenal!

2. Market trends and business analysis

Now is the best time to really dive deep and study your market and business analysis. We are well into five months of the pandemic and while you quickly scrambled to adjust your inventory to meet the needs of your consumers, such as buying masks, you might have the market analysis you need to prepare you for the next few months. How are your website and social media trend-charts looking today? Besides branding facemasks for your customers, what is another market trend you have attempted for the foreseeable future? According to the Washington Post and NPD group, sales of men’s and women’s dress shoes have plunged 70 percent since the start of the pandemic. People have traded in their officewear for more comfortable wearables like tennis shoes and athleisurewear. Being aware of market trends and adapting them to fit the needs of your business is a definite must for survival.

3. Go Virtual 

One very important branding tool you will need now and into the future is engaging live with your audience. Going virtual to tell your brand’s story and sell your inventory is a must and now is the time to pull yourself out of your comfort zone and go LIVE! Utilize your social media platforms and call to actions to start building engagement and making sales. We are all home and looking for something to do, why not try to entertain people with showing off your business and it’s products. There is a reason why reality tv is so popular around the world, and there is always someone interested in hearing your story and buying your products.

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4. Get Creative 

We know you have some great ideas, so put them into action. Be spontaneous and utilize your surroundings to make visually stunning marketing campaigns for your brand. This past summer, one major trend that swept social media was the bedsheet photoshoots. Many companies and influencers utilized their backyard, draped bedsheets as backdrops and ground covering, and created unique fashion campaigns to show off their newest collections and styles. Have you tried that yet? It’s never too late to catch on to a trend and try it for your brand. Although everyone may be recreating the same concept, your visual representation is custom to your brand message.

5. Collaborate 

Many businesses are struggling and we could all benefit from joining forces. Get with like-minded brands and start collaborating through photoshoots and virtual events. This not only shows your dedication to keeping your business alive and hustling forward, but it also shows community involvement and networking. Who knows, this may lead to new clients and potential sales for both of you. Be sure to be upfront and clear about collaborating so as to not tarnish your relationship and put your brand in jeopardy.

6. Organize and Prepare 

Lastly, start writing a plan of action and be prepared to hit the ground running when the pandemic lifts. Pull out a calendar and start fleshing out our projects and future events. Prepare marketing material ahead of time and start cold calling future sponsors, volunteers, and gather your crew. We are uncertain of the future but planning and executing when the time comes might help you in many ways than one. Don’t forget to try to enjoy the process of being an entrepreneur, you’ll learn valuable lessons about you, your clients, and the industry.

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We hope this list lit a fire under your seat and motivated you to dig deep while you have the time to do so. What do you have to lose? In business, it’s all about research, knowing your market, getting creative, and trying new ways to bring your company to the forefront and many go-getters are using this time to better themselves and their companies and you can too.

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Kaia Dublin
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Kaia is a Trendsetter Member of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative currently learning about online fashion media and content creation through its mentorship opportunity. A fashion and music entrepreneur who is local at heart with an international outlook, Kaia Dublin is a Texas digital influencer, and fashion blogger who enjoys expressing herself with trendy-chic looks for the women on the go! Kaia also has a background in behavior health, working with children and families with special needs. Most recently she has been modeling and styling campaigns for her local fashion community and enjoys her position with Style Lush TV as their Fashion Services Coordinator.