Meet Michel Marbel: Fashion Model and Founder of Vivify Boutique Dallas, TX

Meet Michel Marbel: Fashion Model and Founder of Vivify Boutique Dallas, TX

We just love seeing new fashion entrepreneurs in Texas! Despite the state of the fashion industry during this pandemic, brands are shifting, innovating, recreating, and starting new ventures and we’ve got the details on a new Dallas, Texas boutique we think you’ll love. Vivify boutique is a unique brand that offers fashionable items to women of all shapes and sizes. We had a chance to catch up with the model and founder Michel Marble in an exclusive interview to get to know Vivify Boutique and gain insight into what it’s like to start a business during a time of uncertainty.
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SLTV: Hi Michel, I’ve seen photos from Vivify Boutique on Social Media and just love the style, so I wanted to get to know more! Tell us about who you are, where you’re from, and your journey into the fashion world?
My name is Michel Torres, a woman who always aspires to become a better version of herself. As I child I grew up in Mexico and moved to Laredo, Texas where I lived most of my young adult life. After relocating to Dallas with family, pursuing a master’s degree in Business Administration in Human Resources, I decided to stop working for corporate America and become my own boss. I began a fashion career in modeling with Alice Laura Modeling Agency, who I still represent, and through this opportunity, I have met fashion icons, photographers, models, and designers such as Ese Azenabor. As I became more influenced and connected, I wanted to become more involved from a business aspect and start my own fashion boutique.

Image from Vivify Boutique Facbook 

SLTV: Tell us about Vivify Boutique? What inspired you to start a boutique, and how long have you been in business?
Vivify Boutique was created through the same passion I had for building solid relationships with women in the industry who support and uplift each other. Vivify means to, be animated, enliven, energized, invigorated, and vitalized. When building my brand, I wanted to make sure that my business represented all this, especially embracing self-love. So, I came up with the word Vivify! My brand encourages community versus competition, embracing natural beauty, and self- love. I am passionate about spreading my brand message through fashion models of all color, shapes, and sizes, aka my Vivify Dolls. We are a group of women who love to network, collaborate, and model as brand ambassadors.

SLTV: What three words best represent your boutique brand, and do you have a signature product that you hope makes your customers feel just that? 
I want my clients to always feel vivid through fashion, but most importantly through body and mind positivity. I genuinely believe that how you dress equals to how you will feel about yourself. To vivify themselves, by putting on a pleated skirt instead of yoga pants and automatically feel more cheerful. Positivity is a state of mind that we can control simply by self-love and self- care. I will also be releasing a signature jean pant that simply makes one feel good about themselves and their body. The three words that best describe my brand are self-love, enliven, and unique.

Image from Vivify Boutique Facbook
SLTV: So what is the fashion industry like in Dallas, Tx and how has the fashion industry grown since you’ve been working in the field there? 
MM: I consistently see fashion business influencers in the industry working hard to clam their own uniqueness through their talents and creativity. DFW has so much to offer in the fashion world. I have worked with amazing photographers, models, and desigers and all have the same hunger, to be known for their distinctive work in this business. I would describe fashion in Dallas as creative artists that go against ordinariness.
Image from Vivify Boutique Facbook 
SLTV: What is a typical day like for you at Vivify? 
MM: A typical day at Vivify would branding promotion activities. We have plenty of inventory to work and become creative with. Models come in and we work on outfit creations and fittings and discuss themes /concepts of shoot and program it on the calendar. We also have an in-house photography studio where models come in and take professional photos of our products, for our official website and social media pages.
SLTV: What business advice has been the most helpful for you? 
MM: Do your research! I did not fully listen to this one. I had assumed I had done my homework after spending weeks researching the important business aspect of web designing services. Oh boy, was I wrong! Let’s just say I hired the wrong company and I suffered the consequences. It was a learning experience, and honestly believe this could have been avoided if I weren’t too trustworthy and believe everything you see online is real. Do your extensive research and dedicate numerous hours, days on comparing services, client rates, and recommendations. Do not trust some company just because they claimed to have built the Adidas website. It is all a learning experience, do not be too hard on yourself, learn to move on and overcome those obstacles.
SLTV: Any words of advice for future fashion business owners looking to start-up in the world of fashion especially during the pandemic? 
MM: Stay humble however, learn how to network with the right business influencers. Since I started modeling, I have stayed true to myself, I know who I represent and what my expectations are. You do not have to say yes to everything that comes your way and can learn to become more selective when it comes to business offers or collaborations. My advice is to practice self-mindfulness by always keeping in mind what you and your brand represent to better market yourself in the industry.

SLTV:You’re also having a launch party, congratulations! When is the official launch date and how can people shop and support Vivify boutique?
MM: We are officially launching our website Monday, August 24, 2020! All shoppers will be able to shop online and through our Facebook and Instagram @Vififyboutique.

We know this time is extremely challenging but we are in this together! Nows the time to put into action your dreams and make your brand and vision come to life. For more global awareness, fashion news, pop culture, beauty content, and the Texas fashion industry, stay tuned, right here on
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