Style Lush TV Beauty Show – Ep.7 Lemonade Stand Cosmetics. A must have for Summer.

Style Lush TV Beauty Show – Ep.7 Lemonade Stand Cosmetics. A must have for Summer.

Lately, we have been bringing you many stories about fearless entrepreneurship through this 2020 pandemic year, and this company is no exception. Meet Rochelle Lowery, the founder, and owner of Lemonade Stand Cosmetics, homemade with love from the waterfront city of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Rochelle Lowery, the founder, and owner of Lemonade Stand Cosmetics

Founded in 2020, and launched on June 14th, Lemonade Stand Cosmetics had its roots in a completely different industry with its owner (Lowery) gaining a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology exercise science.

Like many young impressionable minds seeking life purpose going into college, I was like a fish in the ocean, with so many possibilities. It can become overwhelming. The pressure of choosing a career path (life path) during your first year can be scary. With pressures and expectations from family, choosing a path was a very difficult decision. I chose kinesiology.Lowery said

Rochelle Lowery, the founder, and owner of Lemonade Stand Cosmetics

“After graduation, however, something just didn’t feel complete, I had the knowledge of my new found field, but creativity was lacking. I wanted to further pursue my curiosity of creativity, and with the help of Marcus (my fiancé at the time), I discovered my true purpose in graphic design and creating! It was a risk. I had just spent 5 years of my life dedicated to college, but we only live once so why not? In the end, it was worth it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s been a long ten-year road of self-education, and constant classes for the driven entrepreneur, but that found its way to utilize all of her newfound skills and education to enter the Beauty Industry. Today, Lowery is the owner and founder of Lemonade Stand Cosmetics, standing tall for beauty, quality, and self-love! Here is her story.

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After Lowery shared a brief history of LSC with us, we became even more intrigued by the origins of her journey and soon set out to gain more insight.

SLTV: You mentioned that before the launch of Lemonade Stand Cosmetics, you spent years honing your graphic design skills. Can you tell us about this history and how it has helped your current beauty business?
RL: Yes, I’ve always been creative, pretty much as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved drawing, designing, and coming up with ideas. I decided to actively pursue graphic design in 2018.  This has played a huge role in mastering the branding side of trugotit LLC and Lemonade Stand Cosmetics. So it feels good to say that I created my own logo and branding for Lemonade Stand Cosmetics, along with other companies as well. This makes me happy.

SLTV: So yes, speaking of trugotit LLC. We see that Lemonade Stand Cosmetics falls under Can you tell us more about trugotit, LLC, and how it ties into this beauty brand?

RL: trugotit was created by Marcus Lowery, my current husband, in 2010 (we meet in 2012). Our two minds came together to execute the idea and plan trugotit. trugotit gives entrepreneurs resources in their line of work. As the umbrella company, trugotit in a sense acts as an agency for the companies we collaborate with and is home to brands in all industries that connect with audiences through alluring content across the world. Specializing in brand development, currently, trugotit companies include Lemonade Stand Cosmetics, Willful Wayward Creative Design,  and trugotit music group. Our mission is to develop and provide exposure for determined entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential advantages in their line of work at the lowest possible price.
Other services that trugotit provides are:
  • logo design
  • website design
  • merchandise design
  • marketing design
  • photography, videography resources
  • obtaining legal business documentation resources

to name a few, and in many cases, we work with customers to formulate a plan to initially launch their business or brand.

SLTV: That’s great! Can you elaborate on how this helped Lemonade Stand Cosmetics in its beginning stages?
RL: trugotit helped my beauty business by gaining experience on how to form a business structure, a plan, and how to execute that plan. I have gained knowledge about the importance of branding, presentation, proper legal documentation, and customer service. This all played a huge role in the opening of Lemonade Stand Cosmetics.

Lemonade Stand Cosmetics prides itself on being freshly squeezed and homemade at a price point that won’t break the bank. The growing company is out to prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get high-quality beauty products that hold ethical standards and empowering energy. Ranging in cost from $4.49 – $6.00 for lips, $12 for body cream and $25 for a 35 pan shadow palette, Lemonade Stand Cosmetics sets out to create fun, poppy products that can be enjoyed and used regularly without having to compromise other areas of lifestyle or beliefs.

“We use the best ingredients and keep the consumer cost low while standing for beauty and self-love!” Lowery says.

Lowery’s very first product was her Coco Lemon Lip Balm and is a deep source of pride for the entrepreneur. The three-month process included putting in the time to choose a product, research, design, and of course creation.  “This is a simple but well thought out product,” Lowery states. “I love creating from scratch and I am proud to be able to make products that people love and that are cruelty-free!

Lemonade Stand Cosmetics Lip Balms

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The benefit of being a homemade product is the attention to quality a company can offer. LSC Coco Lemon Lip Balm is a sheer coverage lip balm made with all-natural organic ingredients including cocoa butter with a hint of lemon. This scent is warm and energizing, and the texture is memorably smooth, resulting with a quick switch out from your current lip balm, we promise you.

Added benefits from LSC’s chosen ingredients are things typically found in nature. For example, the cocoa bean is a natural moisturizer, quenching skin with vitamins A and E and acting as an organic sunscreen, this keeps this lip balm USDA organic and preferred by many consumers. Other stand out details include that these products are not tested on animals, its paraben & phthalate-free and is also gluten-free for conscious consumers who wish to support small businesses with ethical standards. LSC is a great choice.

Featured Product, Coco Lemon Lip Balm in Feeling Peachy

In today’s episode of Style Lush TV Beauty, we show you how to use this versatile product to compliment a coppery summer makeup look with the emphasis on sun-kissed inspired eyes, cheeks, and lips. Tune in to see why you can’t live without this lip balm then go to our Instagram to win this product from Lemonade Stand Cosmetics!

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