YouTube MUA, Patrick Starrr Launches One/Size Beauty Brand

YouTube MUA, Patrick Starrr Launches One/Size Beauty Brand

It all started with a tweet. In 2016, beauty guru, Patrick Starrr was shopping and became frustrated trying to find clothes in his size. So, he did what most millennials do, shared his thoughts in 140 characters via Twitter. “Sucks shopping plus size… Good thing makeup is a one size fits all,” the content creator wrote. The words stuck, and “makeup is a one size fits all” became Starrr’s mantra as he grew to fame in the beauty YouTube space. Starrr’s channel grew to an incredible 4.44 Million subscribers and his talent has spread as far as working with MAC Cosmetics in 2017 for five product collaborations that surpassed $25 million in sales, and launched his management agency, The Beauty Coop, in 2019.

Image from PatrickStarrr’s  One/Size Website. 

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Every platform and project throughout Starrr’s career celebrated that essential vision: “Makeup is a one size fits all.” Today, the influencer takes those words to the next level by launching his beauty brand, ONE/SIZE. A beauty brand made for ALL. One/Size incorporates Starrr’s signature “kitsch and class” style, and is a celebration of “the drag queens, the LGBTQ+, my trans brothers and sisters,” he tells Women’s Wear Daily.

Starrr debuted ONE/SIZE with the GO OFF collection, which includes the Makeup Dissolving Mist and Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes. This was seen as an unconventional decision to release makeup-removal products first, but Starrr explains that it’s his way of reclaiming a moment in his past that left him feeling embarrassed. Years ago, Starrr was working as an associate at a makeup retailer when he was asked by a manager to remove his makeup on the grounds that it was “inappropriate” for him as a man to be wearing makeup. When it came to creating his brand, Starrr aimed to find power in that painful moment. “We can show vulnerability in campaigning with me starting with no makeup,” he says. Starrr hopes that consumers will see themselves reflected in the line — figuratively and literally, as a closer look at the packaging reveals a mirrored sheen on each product. “I want to make sure that everyone can see a little bit of themselves in the brand,” he says.

The GO OFF Collection by One/Size.

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The One/Size launch, being in the works for a couple of years, was halted by the unforeseen coronavirus pandemic which demanded a remote way of working that Luxury Brand Partners (LBP), One/Size partner had not previously experienced. LBP and One/Size’s teams have not been in the same room together since the end of February, but working vigorously and safely from home brought us One/Size early this month. One/Size will be exclusively sold at Sephora and will be available in all of the retailer’s North American doors — 445 in the U.S. and 78 in Canada — and will be in Sephora’s newly launched Instagram storefront.

Visionary Collection by One/Size.

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Starrr hopes through One/Size to “make a shift in beauty,” naming diversity as one of the brand’s core tenets. “My identity as Patrick Starrr is extraordinary performance,” said Starrr, whose real name is Patrick Simondac. “It’s a performance art — that’s what I do as a YouTuber. My products are fashion meeting function. I dress like this to get noticed, I wear so much makeup to get noticed. What can I do that’s gonna get noticed but perform to the highest level when it comes to consumers and my audience investing their money in me and the brand.” For Starrr, representation in the beauty industry is crucial. He strives to use his platform to create opportunities that he never envisioned for himself as a “gay, plus-size kid” growing up in Orlando. “With being an influencer comes privilege, status, and access. I’m building a brand and using the opportunity to create something for people who haven’t been seen or heard,” he says. “This is an overweight, bald, Asian American man. But I’ve somehow been able to break through the glass ceiling to be celebrated, running a business and making decisions. I’m not just uploading a picture on Instagram.” “Our brand is hot, it’s love, this brand is a love letter to my community,” he continued. “They’re gonna see that sign, sealed and delivered from product to personification to performance. Even behind the scenes, who we are. It already was second nature.”

To learn more about the influencer turned entrepreneur, head over to his YouTube Channel and see a more in-depth reveal of One/Size by Patrick Starrr!

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