Amber Nemer-Garcia: The Pursuit of Fashion through Pain and Her Empowering Fall 2020 Collection!

Amber Nemer-Garcia: The Pursuit of Fashion through Pain and Her Empowering Fall 2020 Collection!

During this time of worldly change, many are finding inner strength and healing through the solidarity that the pandemic has brought into their lives. Utilizing this time to unify and empower while stepping out of their comfort zones, many are rejuvenating their mind, body, and soul in the private lives that lie behind the business ventures. In an intimate interview with Amber Nemer-Garcia, owner and founder of Nemer’s Boutique, she shares a life-changing event that occurred at 16 years old which led to her own personal journey in creating Nemer’s Boutique. She also shares her inspiration behind her Fall 2020 Collection, and how it resembles the women she has always aspired to be and is now growing into today.

Photo by Saige Thomas Photography 

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Nemer’s Boutique Special Journey

With 12 years of growing and evolving in the Texas fashion industry, Nemer’s Boutique is known for having trendy styles for women on the go, but what inspired her to start a boutique and how it changed her life is yet another story. At the innocent age of 16, Nemer-Garcia endured a life-changing event that many of us hope to never experience until our later years in life, the loss of her father, Robert Nemer.

Nemer-Garcia stated, “I have never shared the Nemer story because it’s something very special to me and never really felt comfortable sharing this personal side until now”. Witnessing her father pass right before her eyes was a devastating tragedy that sent Nemer-Garcia to a dark place. “It scared me for life. I grew bitter, angry, and was filled with rage and frustration until I hit rock bottom.” In her teenage years trying to understand her family’s new reality she was reckless, hanging out late with friends, attempting to find happiness through drinking while trying to cope with her rage, anxiety, and depression through this toxic repetitive cycle of her own creation. After many attempts from a close friend to pull her into a church, Nemer-Garcia finally gave in. “Through God’s good grace, I knew I would heal in time as he would guide and show me the way”, stated Nemer-Garcia.

Photo by Saige Thomas Photography 

During this time of grievance and acceptance, Nemer-Garcia took to her parent’s hard work ethic and engulfed her teen years into reselling her own clothing. She sought refuge and comfort in this creative outlet, however, the pain was only masked until now. Nemer-Garica stated,

“I’m in a place now where I can talk about it. I realized that instead of trying to forget about the pain of my father’s passing, all along God was working through me to keep him alive. Nemer runs in my blood, it’s my father’s last name, and it’s my way of having my dad with me at all times which gives me purpose and saved my life.”

From reselling her closet to starting Nemer’s Boutique in 2010, her Fall 2020 Collection is a representation of rebirth, empowerment, strength, and womanhood with a purpose.

Nemer’s Metallic Bodysuit captured by Saige Thomas Photography 

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Nemer’s Boutique Fall 2020 Collection 

The inspiration behind Nemer’s Boutique Fall 2020 Collection is Nemer-Garcia’s personal journey and reflection of the strong and fierce woman she always aspired to be. With natural tones of creams, metallics, and browns, the collection brings a clean and crisp style to fall, they reflect a feeling of inner peace and confidence. For the women on the go, the collection also offers lightweight bodysuits in metallics and nudes that can be paired with jeans or suit pants. For quick and easy styling, it offers trendy crop tops in neutral tones of tope and white, perfect for an all-day casual chic look.

Photo by Saige Thomas Photography 

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Like many of us have experienced, the pandemic has been a time of reflection. For Nemer-Garcia, it influenced her to reveal a part of her life that although painful, has modeled her into the businesswomen she is today. While pouring her heart into making other women feel bold and confident in their own skin, she has also found a way to heal and carry on her father’s legacy and name with Nemer’s Boutique.

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