LIVE on IG This Week: Ethical Network Chats with the Local Community

LIVE on IG This Week: Ethical Network Chats with the Local Community

There has never been a better time than now to learn more about economic sustainability and how you can be more conscious in your daily life. Chances are you’ve probably incorporated a little form of this into your lifestyle already. For the past six months, we have all felt the economic impact of the coronavirus and the effects that left many of us unemployed, without daily necessities, or struggling to keep small businesses thriving. Instinctively, our creativity versus our indulgent impulses have had to take the forefront to survive by utilizing our environment to make smarter choices for our families and businesses, so why not continue this routine? To help you learn more about how to continue incorporating natural resources into your daily life or business, The Ethical Network of San Antonio (ENSA) is excited to bring back their Live Instagram chats and is ready to bring you first-hand knowledge and experience from the experts and enthusiasts of the city. Here is the list of scheduled events starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 17, 2020, at 4:30 PM.


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Ethical Live Chat Scheduled Events

Thursday, September 17, 2020, 4:30 PM 

The Fashion Lotus, Jeanelly Concepcion 

Image is taken from Ethical Network of San Antonio FB

Kicking off the ethical sustainable Live Instagram chat is Jeanelly Conception also known as the Fashion Lotus. Jeanaelly is a successful eco-fashion, travel, and vegan food influencer in Texas with a diverse ethnic background. She is the Vice President of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative 501C Non-profit and Executive Editor for Style Lush TV. Be sure to tune in to learn more about her journey into sustainability and what that looks like as an influencer and professional fashion editor.

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Monday, September 21, 2020, 6:00 PM

Fashion Designer, Veronica Rodriguez


Veronica Rodriquez is making waves in the Texas fashion scene as a new fashion textile designer and entrepreneur. Veronica’s background includes studying at the Art Institute of San Antonio, Texas, and currently, she is a Silver Jacket Entrepreneur with the Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program from the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative 501c3 Education Department. She is developing her own fashion company and preparing to formally launch her business at TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ in 2021. Come learn about her journey and the great local resources she uses in her daily life as a fashion designer, sustainability enthusiast, and entrepreneur.

Thursday, October 3, 2020, 3:30 PM

Michael Pierce

Image is taken from Ethical Network of San Antonio FB

San Antonio has a new networking group that meets monthly, called Network in Action (NIA). Network in Action is the future of business networking that provides the perfect mix of technology and face to face networking to help grow your business. You’ll want to tune in to hear the chat with Michael Pierce to learn about this group and to hear their insights on sustainability in the workplace.

Thursday, October 8, 2020, 7:00 PM

Katie Pruett

Image is taken from Ethical Network of San Antonio FB

Katie Pruette, Editor In Chief of the Ethical Style Journal (ESJ), is setting the sustainability world on fire with panels, conferences, and her newly relaunched website, ESJ. In her career, Katie Pruett has always had a bold and outspoken approach to changing the way we look at ethical fashion. Come learn about ESJ’s new platform and its latest issue on Thursday, October 8, 2020, 7:00 PM.

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To learn even more from local eco-friendly sustainable businesses and gain insight into how you can do your part, follow The Ethical Network of San Antonio (ENSA) on all their social media.

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Kaia is a Trendsetter Member of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative currently learning about online fashion media and content creation through its mentorship opportunity. A fashion and music entrepreneur who is local at heart with an international outlook, Kaia Dublin is a Texas digital influencer, and fashion blogger who enjoys expressing herself with trendy-chic looks for the women on the go! Kaia also has a background in behavior health, working with children and families with special needs. Most recently she has been modeling and styling campaigns for her local fashion community and enjoys her position with Style Lush TV as their Fashion Services Coordinator.