Our Top 10 Mask Chains. The latest functional aesthetic accessory of the moment!

Our Top 10 Mask Chains. The latest functional aesthetic accessory of the moment!

For anyone who needs to hear this: we still have to wear masks! After months of adjusting to our new normal, masks have become an essential addition to any outfit before leaving the house or venturing inside a store. The “phone, wallet, keys” checklist has now added “mask”. But, as phones, wallets, and keys know well, there are days when life moves way too fast and our trusty masks can get left behind. This is where the masks chains come in handy, they are as functional as they are fabulous.

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While you should keep your mask on at all times, the reality is there are times when masks inevitably need to be removed. Instead of laying your mask down on a countertop, shoving it into your pocket, or just holding it in your hand, an alternative solution could be letting your mask dangle around your neck. Here are 10 pretty face mask chains making a case for the most fashionable and functional aesthetic accessory of the moment.

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This is perfect for an evening out. Dress it up with a simple cocktail dress or dress it down with some jeans and sneakers for an effortless glam look!

LOCAL PICK: Mask Chains, $42, available at BohemianGemme


This one is fun and casual. Try this with a white top and a light wash pair of jeans, maybe throw on your favorite pair of Chucks too.

Customizable Mask Chain, $15 available on Etsy

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This pairing is perfection. We love this delicate and classic combo for sophisticated statements or our never-ending line up of business meetings.

Gold Mask Chain, $10, available on Etsy


Chunky statements are definitely a must-try! Wear loungewear to give it that effortless street style vibe.

Mask Holder in Onyx, $16, available at Jules Kae


Pair this with an all-black outfit to add the perfect pop of color! Accessories are key, you can even add colorful shoes to tie it all together.

Mask Chain, $7, available on Etsy


Mask Necklace, $15.00, available at White House | Black Market.

From pearls and gold to silver and stones. Mix your textures for a fabulous look. Also, we love the idea of sweeping your chain to your back and having this peek through your hair or neckline.



LOCAL PICK: Mask Chain, $5  available at De La Cruz Collection

For the gals out there who just need something simple and chic, this is the chain for you. Get hints of glitz with this small crystal gem.


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Why not? Wear this with a head to toe pink outfit to make your most monochromic look move you!

Rainbow Pink Mask Chain, $15, available at Italian Suit Outlet 


Because rainbows are just great! Pair your rainbow chain with more colors or tone it down with a monochromatic look to add a pop of color.

LOCAL PICK: Mask Chain/Glasses Chain, $10, available at Girl Almighty


A gold chain never goes out of style. Keep it chic. Keep it simple. Keep it classic!

Detachable Gold Cuban Link Chain, $33, available at Second Wind


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