Your Guide To Fall 2020’s Top Fashion Trends!

Your Guide To Fall 2020’s Top Fashion Trends!

The end of summer always brings a wave of sadness, as we soak up the final days of blissful sunshine, bikini-wearing temperatures, and our glorious tan time. Although we adore our beautiful Texas heat, the first taste of the feeling of Fall in the air is like the start of a whole new beginning. As we get closer and closer to temperatures dropping from our scorching 100’s, we can already envision our Fall wardrobe strutting through The Pearl as the leaves change around us. Fall 2020 trends are arriving to single-handedly save us from our quarantine blues and although, no, you probably won’t be wearing any of these pieces to the office or to your usual Fall activities like strolling through pumpkin patches, this is what life looks like right now, and it’s time to make the most of it. As the first day of fall starts, here is your guide to all the best of 2020 Fall fashion trends!

The Prep School Comeback

Cue all of your favorite Gossip Girl references, it’s time to live out our dreams of looking like Blair Waldorf. We are so excited to see this trend make its way to the spotlight in the best, most fashionable way possible.

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What The Fringe?

The Wild West trend is evolving into Fall. It’s long, it’s shimmy-worthy, and it’s happening. Fringe can easily be added to pieces that are relevant to any season—handbags, dresses, and outerwear included.

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Walk of Shame But Make It Fashion

This fall, consider lingerie an essential mixing piece, encouraging women to wear lacy bras, corsets, and négligées beyond the confines of home.

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The Super Cape 

One of the strongest outerwear silhouettes to come out of the Fall 2019 runway collections was the cape, proving this classic piece is and forever will be timeless.

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Light As A Feather

Don’t let faux furs weigh you down, this season feathers are making their comeback. Now the new and improved trend is adding a light, delicate and dreamy look to your everyday styles.

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Quilty Pleasures

A ’70s trend that could have gone very wrong, but luckily 2020 has gifted us with this modern treasure. Take a look at Tory Burch’s must-have boots, which look thrifted in the best way possible.

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The Power Shoulder 

Drum roll please…..the ’80s are back, baby! This is one of the toughest decades to pull off, but some of the staples of this rocking era are here to shine. Bring on the wide shoulder and tapered waist silhouettes making us all feel bad ass.

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Glove It Up!

If you would have told us six months ago just how practical these would have ended up being, we wouldn’t have believed you, but in light of the current pandemic, a trendy glove moment actually makes sense.

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Craving Chocolate 

There is always one color that reigns supreme each season, and for Fall 2020, that color is chocolate brown. A full chocolate look is definitely the goal, but don’t underestimate the power of a stunning chocolate-brown handbag or pair of shoes to compliment the rest of the Fall trends you’ve been adding to your cart so far.

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Colors To Also Keep In Mind

Unexpected colors when it comes to the idea of Fall fashion, but we are here for it. After the year we’ve had, we are glad to see these bright and bold hues making their way into our wardrobe. Chartreuse, Marigold, “Millennial Purple”, plus jewel tones are some you can expect to see.

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Kassandra Rodriguez
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Kassandra is a Trendsetter Member of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative currently learning about online fashion media and content creation through its mentorship opportunity. Originally from McAllen, Texas, Kassandra is a fashionista at heart. She hopes to inspire everyone to dress outside of their comfort zone and use style as a form of self-expression. She's an advocate for plus size fashion, believing that fashion shouldn't discriminate on the basis of pant size. From working Alta Roma Fashion Week, to styling Milan Men's Fashion Week her experiences bring a unique flame to San Antonio.