TFII teams up with the CFDA to help Texas Fashion Industry to Grow and Prosper!

TFII teams up with the CFDA to help Texas Fashion Industry to Grow and Prosper!

There is no other name as recognizable for its elite status in the fashion industry than the CFDA. The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc. (CFDA) is a not-for-profit trade association founded in 1962, whose membership consists of 477 of America’s foremost womenswear, menswear, jewelry, and accessory designers. Its board of directors have been some of the most famous and celebrated talents in the history of the American fashion industry, with Tom Ford, currently serving as Board Chairman, and Tracy Reece, Stan Herman, and Vera Wang serving as the current Board of Directors. The mission of the CFDA is to strengthen the impact of American fashion in the global economy, and through The CFDA Foundation, raise funds for charity and industry activities. In addition to hosting the world-famous, CFDA Fashion Awards every year, the trade organization owns the Fashion Calendar, the foremost scheduling, and planning tool for fashion designers, press, retailers, public relation firms, and all remaining teams connected to the fashion industry.

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On January 12, 2021, the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative signed contracts with the CFDA to work together to help the Texas fashion industry to grow and prosper. Through this partnership, TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ became the founding fashion week of CFDA Connects, a new, innovative program by the CFDA that strives to support regional fashion weeks and its programming for a better tomorrow for the American fashion industry.

The CFDA will also be supporting additional Texas Fashion Industry Initiative programming, including educational opportunities to its TFII members and board, co-facilitating accelerator classes for the TFII Silver Jacket Entrepreneur Program, presenting awards at TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ during the annual TEXAS FASHION AWARDS™ ceremony and providing ongoing mentorship as needed in order to build a bridge of opportunity from Texas to New York. This pioneering moment marks the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative as being the first in the nation to offer its community these resources and opportunities from this program, direct from the powerhouse itself as it sets the bar for regional fashion week advocacy throughout the nation.

“This has been years in the making for us and the timing of this opportunity could not have been any more perfect. I could not be more thrilled to have the leader of the fashion industry on our side. Our TFII mission is massive, but with the help and support of the CFDA, its elite resources, and unparalleled expertise, I have no doubt that this will revolutionize what we have been able to do for our community in Texas so far. This is the real deal! It is a historic and exciting time and I am so thankful to the CFDA for their innovation, designing this program, and for believing in us and our mission.”
-Burgundy Woods, President of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative

Burgundy Woods, President of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative

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In addition to these customized resources, this program opens up the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative to additional CFDA support that will be integrated into TFII programming for the betterment of its mission and the community. These include:

  • TFII to receive a branded placement and curation on the CFDA website at Runway360
    • Through this, access to curate TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ participant collection content on the CFDA website at Runway360
    • Opportunity for TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ participants to conduct wholesale and consumer sales on the CFDA website at Runway360
  • TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ to be listed on CFDA Fashion Calendar
  • Access to CFDA designer & industry development events; business & educational seminars and workshops
  • CFDA representative to attend TEXAS FASHION WEEK™  and present the womenswear & menswear designer of the year award at the TEXAS FASHION AWARDS ™ annually
  • TFII to receive guidance, advice, and connections to supply chain and manufacturing vendors, as well as CFDA resources and CFDA programming
  • TFII/TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ to be featured at a new CFDA Connects webpage on
  • TFII Members to receive access to CFDA industry newsletter subscription
  • TFII to receive access to official industry white papers and reports
  • Style Lush TV to work with editorial & social media via CFDA digital platforms
  • TFII to be listed & included in CFDA Annual Report
  • CFDA to check-in quarterly at the TFII Members mixers & meetings to foster industry community and fellowship

The Council of Fashion Designers of America, a national membership organization, congratulates TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ on the great work they are doing for our industry.  As an inaugural member of CFDA Connects, we look forward to supporting them in their important work and discovering the diverse talent they represent.” – Steven Kolb, CEO at Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)

Steven Kolb, CEO at Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)

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All Texas Fashion Industry Initiative websites have recently gone live with updates on the upcoming year, and include the many ways the CFDA will influentially amplify the TFII mission, expand their reach, increase their awareness, and strengthen their connection to the pulse of business, commerce, media and trade in the American fashion industry and globally.

For more information, visit their websites and follow all their social media platforms to stay in the know.

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