Get Ready For The 8th Annual Roshnic Latif Fashion Show!

Get Ready For The 8th Annual Roshnic Latif Fashion Show!

Texas-based, Pakistani fashion designer Roshnic Latif has been delighting us with an annual fashion show experience for nearly a decade, and this year she is not letting us down. The 8th Annual Roshnic Fashion Show will be held on Saturday, March 13th at The Oblate School of Technology. Roshnic brings us an exclusive cross-cultural fashion show which celebrates her colorful one-of-a-kind hand-printed silks and block print designs in both Western and Eastern styles. Each unique piece that will be showcased is comprised of materials sourced from Pakistan, hand dyed fabrics, hand-sewn sequins, and bead work as well as hand-painted drawings that all stem from Roshnic’s culture.


Designer, Roshnic Latif. Photograph Sourced From Roshnic Website. 

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Get to know all that goes into Roshnic’s designs and collections

Hand Painted Collection 

Roshnic’s hand-painted collection is filled with color, depicting dreamy landscapes and florals. “I love playing with colors and make these myself by hand and each hand-painted piece is one of a kind. These pieces require a great deal of patience, hard work, and passion. I use different themes, sometimes based on my travels,” says Latif.

Designs by Roshnic Latif. Photos Sourced From Roshnic Website. 


At every Roshnic fashion show, you will see styles that represent her beautiful culture. Roshnic shares that “Ethnic wear is mostly our traditional wear but with a twist of fusion. It’s created by lots of rich, beautiful, and expensive materials which include silks, cotton silks, jamavar, velvets, chiffons, and raw silks. Every outfit is handcrafted with embroideries, silver and gold handwork embedded with embellishments such as stones, beads and pearls.”

Designs by Roshnic Latif. Photos Sourced From Roshnic Website. 

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And lastly, Roshnic brings us Western-wear that is always on-trend and ready to wear. “Western-wear includes blouses, skirts, dresses and trousers. They are designed according to different trends, styles, color schemes, and themes. Suitable for casual, semi-formal, and formal wear,” says Latif.

Designs by Roshnic Latif. Photos Sourced From Roshnic Website. 

Every year through the Roshnic Latif Fashion Show, proceeds go in support of a different local nonprofit organization. Roshnic tells us that “This work for me is not only a passion for fashion, it is also a way for me to give back to others in memory of parents who are no longer with us.” Proceeds for this year’s fashion show will benefit the children and families served at ChildSafe. Tickets are now available starting at $50 and will be available here.

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