Music, Fashion and Virtual Styling. Meet Marisa Ledford, the Blogger turned Fashion Stylist in the Heart of Texas!

Music, Fashion and Virtual Styling. Meet Marisa Ledford, the Blogger turned Fashion Stylist in the Heart of Texas!

If you’ve ever looked in your closet full of things and said “I have nothing to wear!”, felt completely overwhelmed and constantly reverted to the same pieces, but felt uninspired, you are not alone. Sometimes we need a second set of eyes to help us see our clothing in a new light, discover new ways to pair, and really assess what we need. We sat down with fashion stylist Marisa Ledford to talk about what a closet detox really entails and her journey into the world of wardrobe styling, her inspiration, and even some tips on how to dress for you to feel and look your best!

Pictured here: Editorial Styling by Marisa Ledford. Photography: Jana Cantua

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SLTV: Hi Marisa! I am so happy that you’re back from San Francisco and staying in Texas for a while. I’ve known you since you were blogging on Chic in the Heart of Texas, and have been loving your latest work as a stylist. How did you get into wardrobe styling?
ML: I’ll take you way back! I grew up as a total mall rat (laughs). In all honesty, shopping was a bonding time that my mother had with her mother, and as the youngest of all the grandkids, the only girl I fell into the tradition with them. We were the Three Generations and we were so close and they even tell the story that my first words were “the mall”! We were so good about shopping the sales and clearance sections, so I had to get very creative! That’s where I Fast forward, I worked for Nordstrom while I was in college and learned from the retail stylists how to develop a relationship with the clients. I fell in love with creating an experience where I can connect with people and help with their confidence and empowerment. I shortly started my blog after that, while I was studying Early Childhood Development as a creative outlet.

Marisa Ledford. Photography: Hillary Jeanne

SLTV: And that’s around the time you and I met! How did the blog spring into a Styling career?
ML: Yes! Blogging was such a fun creative outlet, but the best was meeting people like you! I love my fashion community and had a blast doing it. When I finished college, moved to Dallas and wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue the blog. I felt it was isolating living in a new city and I wanted to get a job where I could meet more fashion people, so I started working for Trunk Club, which is a personal styling service and e-commerce that’s a sister brand of Nordstrom. I loved it! I was doing personal styling again and surrounded by people who were passionate about fashion and styling and I loved connecting with clients. I gained so many skills in that job, learning about brands, fit, fabrics, care and so much more. As I was doing virtual styling, was later on that would be key for my work as a stylist during the pandemic. After Trunk Club, I worked styling e-commerce sets with an agency for brands like JC Penney and Neiman Marcus, to name a few. I later moved to San Francisco…

SLTV: What types of esthetics inspire you?
ML: I’m actually really passionate about music. So musician’s style in videos, red carpets, and performances really draw a lot of inspiration for me. Growing up in the Nineties, I love that style. My two favorite fashion eras are the seventies and nineties. I really like to look to the past for inspiration, but lately, I’ve been turning to nature. This past year, I’ve been really into hiking and going outside more. For instance, I’ll go on a hike and take pictures of the trees, the flowers, and sunsets, then I’ll bring those colors into my outfit. I look at the colors that are paired in nature, and those colors would naturally look good together on my outfit.

Pictured here: Editorial Styling by Marisa Ledford. Photography: Jana Cantua

SLTV: That is so interesting! I would have never even thought about that at all. Now I’m definitely using this technique in my wardrobe pairings. Is this something you learned in your previous work or certifications?
ML: Actually, in Trunk Club I received a lot of training and so I did learn a lot about colors, textiles, sizing, history, brand knowledge that has been crucial for the different opportunities from on-set styling to personal styling.

SLTV: So, it’s safe to say you have a good balance between attained knowledge and instinct, plus your inspiration in music. I recently saw that you were advertising openings to work with artists and musicians. Tell me about that dynamic and what it’s like to work with musicians.
ML: Growing up, my two obsessions were shopping and MTV, when it was still music (laughs). The VMA’s were like my Superbowl! And still, to this day, I love an awards show, I love a red carpet and performances. This all gives me so much life! Iconic looks shape the way we look at fashion. I think everyone remembers iconic Selena or Britney Spears looks and it’s always been a big dream of mine to be behind those moments. So, now I’m starting to work and build relationships with local artists and get them set up for a performance (in-person or virtual), interviews for publications, music videos, photoshoots, and even their social media feeds. I personally believe that the way that an artist dresses says so much about them and it’s just another form of expression, aside from their music. I think that getting an artist to realize the impact that their wardrobe has can really take their entire brand to the next level. So, I’ve  worked with local artists like Melat on a small, intimate, covid-friendly performance in Austin recently. I styled Angel Cintron for an editorial fashion shoot and virtual performance, which was really fun. Now, I’m in the process of getting more work, so stay tuned because I’m bringing on more artists.

Pictured here: Singer Angel Cintron. Styling by Marisa Ledford. Photography: Jana Cantua

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SLTV: That is so exciting! I can’t wait to see who you work with next! Let’s talk about the services you offer because I know everyone is curious about that.
ML: First, I do a consultation where I get to know who you are, your fit, like measurements, and how you like your clothes to fit you. I ask a series of questions to really get to know you and understand your current style, likes and dislikes. I always recommend a closet detox. That’s my most popular service and it’s the best foundation for me to get the whole picture of your style and understand what your needs are. A lot of people think when they hear the word “detox” that I’m gonna come in and throw everything out. I don’t throw anything away; that’s not at all what the service is. I want you to walk me through what you already have and show me where you are right now. I’ll take an inventory of what you have and we’ll fill in the gaps of what you’re missing. It’s a good time for my clients and even myself included to realize what they have. Sometimes you have a piece that you love but it’s been sitting in the closet without use and I help them style those pieces and think of new ways to wear it.

SLTV: I think we’re all guilty of that! I might wear a piece and lack the vision to wear it in a new way, so I’ll never wear it again. Then go to the closet full of stuff and say “I have nothing to wear!”
ML: Exactly! Sometimes you just need a new set of eyes to help you make the most of what you already have. And then, of course, when there’s something that you need for a special occasion or life change, I’m able to source that for you. I work with your budget and price point and make it work for you. It’s very collaborative.

Pictured here: Alyssa Mills. Styling by Marisa Ledford. Photography: Jana Cantua

SLTV: That’s very good to know. So, who is your client today?
ML: I would say it’s someone who wants to expand to styling and wants to up their game. It’s also someone who is overwhelmed with what they have or feels uninspired when they look in their closet or who is looking for something new. The profile could be anyone, really. I’ve styled moms, professionals, artists, musicians, etc. Whoever you are, if you’re wanting to take your wardrobe to the next level, I can help you with that. I also help with special events, occasions, or trips. I can even help with travel packing services even including taking pictures of the styled outfits for the trip so when you get to your destination it’s all paired for you. I also offer mood boards and help with your inspiration. This is usually with clients I work with already, after a consultation and closet detox. Depending on what you’re going for, I’ll prepare an outfit board with links for you to select and purchase. Those really easy, quick services are huge for time-saving. It’s all a very collaborative and fun relationship.

Pictured here: Alyssa Mills. Styling by Marisa Ledford. Photography: Jana Cantua

SLTV: What are your Do’s and Don’ts?
ML: I think my main thing is fit. So, don’t wear clothes that are unflattering. Do wear clothes that flatter your shape. Think about your favorite attributes and let’s highlight that. I always ask what are some areas that you would like to conceal and what would you like to accentuate.

SLTV: So, with the rise of virtual work in general, what do you see for the future of styling?
ML: I think the work-from-home standard is going to be the norm going forward, so I think that virtual styling is here to stay. I do a lot of virtual styling for Zoom meetings, by the way. So, it’s a lot of waist-up styling, jewelry, accessories, etc. People are busy, too. If you’re working full-time you’re not always in a position where you can have me come in and take 3 hours out of your day for a styling session or go shopping on your own, so I do think that virtual styling is here to stay. I also have access to clients all over the nation, so the reach is much wider. It’s so convenient!

Pictured here: Editorial Styling for Troupe Beauty by Marisa Ledford. Photography: Jana Cantua

The Texas-based stylist also works with brands like Troupe Beauty and collaborates with Makeup artists like Olivia Villa and photographers like Jana Cantua. “Working with Marisa is amazing.”, says Cantua. “She is a truly creative person and she has perfect attention to detail. She knows how to elevate the vision for the photoshoot through the use of wardrobe styling. She inspires me every time I work with her.” The team has seemed to have found a cadence that really works for them and is like a match made in heaven. “Her styling aligns with my work because I work primarily with fashion and lifestyle clients. I feel like we both like to create new concepts and be innovative. Marisa always puts her own twist on the wardrobe for our creative projects, and that helps me make a photograph that is fresh and original. I feel like we understand each other well and I trust her 100% to style my photoshoots. She pushes me to be a better artist and photographer.”, says the creative. We love to see our Texas fashion creatives team up and create magic together and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next!

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Be sure to follow Marisa Ledford on social media and visit her website to book her services.

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Originally from New York City, Jeanelly is of Dominican roots. Having lived in Puerto Rico for over 22 years, she now enjoys a highly successful fashion blogging career at She is a Texas influencer and has been a freelance fashion contributor for Style Lush TV for several years. She believes in empowering women through fashion and helping them feel beautiful no matter what their financial situation, body shape, age or where they live or work.