Get to Know the Quirkiest Local Accessory Brand, Puff Puff Poms!

Get to Know the Quirkiest Local Accessory Brand, Puff Puff Poms!

Time and time again, we advocate for fun and expressive fashion so when we come across a new small business showcasing just that, we are thrilled to get to know them! When we were mixing and mingling with a fabulous group of San Antonio women entrepreneurs, we came across a certain individual who was dressed bold and colorfully with glitter lenses and the grandest earrings to be seen. She stood out in a sea of casually dressed downtown business people and upon first glance, and getting to know her, she soon became someone to watch out for. Kayla Guerrero of Puff Puff Poms brings her quirky fashion flair and love for standing out into her business. She creates accessories, or as she loves to call it, decorations for the ears, arms, and now walls inspiring everyone to be bold and unique as themselves and to have fun with fashion.
Get to know Kayla Guerrero and Puff Puff Poms in our interview below.
SLTV: Let’s begin by introducing you to our readers. What led you to creating Puff Puff Poms?
KG: My name is Kayla Guerrero, I was born & raised in San Antonio, TX. I’m a wife, mama, and now a full-time creator and small business owner! My introduction to making pom poms actually came from wanting retro-inspired accessories to go with some outfits. I ended up finding a picture of Twiggy in a pair of pom-poms & it was love at first sight. My house from then on out was covered in yarn. I started making them for myself mostly, it was an amazing creative outlet. Then I started posting them to my Instagram stories and people loved them! My husband and close friends convinced me to start selling them and that’s how Puff Puff Poms was born. It’s transformed from a side hustle and hobby to my full-time job. I’ve added new mediums and designs and have just been growing since. I now offer accessories for your ears to your home with fiber wall hangings and rugs and have expanded to add tees and totes to my inventory as well! I can’t wait to keep growing with my business and see all the things I can accomplish.
SLTV:  That’s an amazing story of inspiration for creatives! What is it about accessories that you love most? In addition to this, what is your fashion philosophy when it comes to accessorizing?
KG: I am a firm believer that accessories complete an outfit. I love that they can change the whole mood or vibe of a look! They’re the little bit of spice everyone is always talking about adding. Growing up fat, I didn’t get to participate in a lot of fashion trends because those clothes weren’t made in my size, so accessories were my go-to. They brought me the joy I couldn’t get from the clothing options I had. This is why I’m also a firm believer in wearing whatever brings you the most joy while wearing it. There are always going to be people trying to tell you that your outfit or accessories are too “gaudy” or “tacky” or even “over the top”; let them, you don’t do it FOR them, you do it for YOURSELF. So, I guess my philosophy is to dress for you, accessorize for you, it’s never “too much”, and you can always add more.


SLTV: What inspires you for each piece?
KG: My inspiration really comes from everywhere, but mostly pop culture, my childhood, animated sitcoms, the 1960s & 1970s fashion, kitsch, and drag queens! I was born in 1990, so Y2K fashions were the absolute for me. I also grew up watching To Wong Foo, Practical Magic, Clueless, and Rocky Horror, along with a slew of John Waters films, so one of my dreams is just to make people feel fabulous! I take some inspiration from my husband, my friends, the things we watch or listen to, & my Gen Z teenager. So, I guess the inspiration for each piece comes from something I enjoy or have enjoyed.

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SLTV: How would you describe your ideal customer?
KG: My ideal customer is someone who wants to feel absolutely fabulous or just wants to wear something that makes them smile! Someone who loves to show out, whether for drinks with friends, or your morning zoom meeting. Someone who wants to make a statement with their fashion or simply wants to express themselves with cute accessories! Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously & knows that fashion should be about what makes you feel good. Puff Puff Poms can be and are for everyone to enjoy. 

SLTV: Any fun new projects to keep an eye out for?
KG: OH YES! I have so much coming up, but I’ll share a little bit about some BIG things coming up for Puff Puff Poms. First: This month I am debuting a brand new Halloween Collection. Some of last year’s favorites will be coming back (and in new colorways), but there’ll also be some brand new designs of some super scary dudes that everyone will recognize. I’m really excited about them and will keep my Instagram updated with the drop date. Next month, I’ll be debuting an animated sitcom collection with faves like King of The Hill, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons. Instagram, Tiktok, & signing up for emails via my website is the best way to stay updated with any new things coming. Lastly, & probably the biggest thing coming for Puff Puff Poms is that I’ll be soon expanding my shop to include handmade apparel and handbags in the next few months. All apparel will be custom sizing to cater to all, but especially the plus-size community as I want to be extremely size inclusive with what I offer. I’ll be starting with dresses and satin-lined bags, then growing from there. I’m honestly so excited!
SLTV: Sounds like you’ve got so many amazing plans to grow your business! What do you hope Puff Puff Poms brings to the fashion community in San Antonio?

KG: I hope to bring silliness, fun, and really cute trendy pieces to the fashion community in San Antonio! I want to bring inclusivity and invite collaboration, to create a community that thrives because we hype each other up. I want to bring new ideas inspired by retro fashion, a new way of thinking and doing, and a brand that caters to those who may have felt left out by the fashion industry in the past.

We look forward to seeing this small business flourish among the San Antonio Fashion Community. Like we said earlier, at first glance Guerrero’s eccentric earrings made us stop and stare in amazement. The textures, colors, prints, and figures she creates using simple textiles and materials are incredibly unique, and now venturing into a whole new world of fashion and home decor, we know this is only the beginning for Puff Puff Poms. We’re excited to see what’s next!
Kassandra Rodriguez
[email protected]

Kassandra is a Trendsetter Member of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative currently learning about online fashion media and content creation through its mentorship opportunity. Originally from McAllen, Texas, Kassandra is a fashionista at heart. She hopes to inspire everyone to dress outside of their comfort zone and use style as a form of self-expression. She's an advocate for plus size fashion, believing that fashion shouldn't discriminate on the basis of pant size. From working Alta Roma Fashion Week, to styling Milan Men's Fashion Week her experiences bring a unique flame to San Antonio.