About Style Lush TV


Founded in Hollywood, California in 2010, and headquartered in San Antonio, Texas in 2014, Style Lush TV is an award-winning fashion news company whose focus is to bring awareness to Texas fashion talent globally. By showcasing world-class Texas fashion talent next to quality high fashion news, their interviews, stories, video news, digital entertainment, elite fashion events, and quality educational experiences serve to amplify the mission of the Texas Fashion Industry Initiative 501c3. Style Lush TV also focuses on supporting the overall mission of the city of San Antonio, Texas through arts & culture, downtown development, and economic competitiveness. Through its efforts, Style Lush TV Fashion News is mission-focused, and committed to a vision beyond itself in order to make Texas a global fashion & style destination.


Style Lush TV was founded in Hollywood, California in 2010 by San Antonio native, Burgundy Woods. After four successful years of pioneering, molding, and managing the new industry of online fashion media with brands like MySpace, Inc. and her own company, Burgundy Woods Headquarters, Style Lush TV came to San Antonio, Texas, and in 2014, dedicated itself to the local fashion scene and its positive growth. Style Lush TV is, at its source, a fashion news company and aims to parallel professional high fashion reporting next to features about the local fashion community in its respective market.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, its current “local” fashion news stories feature Texas fashion professionals and rising stars, bringing awareness to the world-class fashion talent in the state while allowing its audience to stay on the pulse of what’s trending in high fashion news and pop culture.

Throughout its years, Style Lush TV organically expanded into advocacy producing the city’s leading fashion events serving a purpose in growing the local fashion industry, starting with the San Antonio Fashion Awards (now the TEXAS FASHION AWARDS™) and expanding into Look Local Night for retail, Beauty Sphere for beauty & wellness, Celebrate Fashion for fashion design, Fashion Is Art for fashion art and avant-garde designers and Street Beat for the evolving streetwear industry.

Due to this evolving mission, in 2019, Style Lush TV’s founder, Burgundy Woods, launched the state’s first official non-profit dedicated to the positive growth of the Texas fashion industry and became the owner of the city’s official fashion week, TEXAS FASHION WEEK™. This annual event has now been incorporated into the culmination of the TFII’s Annual Cycle of Advocacy, and now serves the goals of TFII by bridging its Texas fashion communities, showcasing talent and business, igniting innovation, and creating opportunity.

As of January 2021, TFII has now joined forces with the CFDA (The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc.) in New York in order to amplify this mission and strengthen a bridge to the New York fashion industry.

Timeline of Growth and Advocacy

TFII houses three departments: Education, Global Awareness, and Arts & Culture. Their annual cycle consists of education the first half of the year, year-round global awareness through Style Lush TV, and ultimately leads up to Arts & Culture featuring TEXAS FASHION WEEK™ in the fall, setting the bar for Texas Fashion Industry growth, networking, scouting, and talent showcasing.

Style Lush TV continues to bring professional fashion news, production of top tier fashion events, and countless dollars and hours of donated resources to TFII and its mission.