The Behindthechair Show 2018 @ JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa
Aug 26 – Aug 28 all-day

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THE BTC SHOW‘s Biggest Show of the Year
3 Days. 20 Classes. 80 Iconic Artists.
August 26-28, 2018
San Antonio, Texas
Tickets and Hotel: Go to

Education Lineup Includes:
@ PaintedHair
@ PrettyLittleOmbre
@ BrianaCisneros
@ MarioHenriqueOficial
@ Platinum_Perfection
@ JoiseVilay
@ HairByPF
@ CamouflageAndBalayage
@ DununesOficial
@ Glayda
+ 10 more

Anthony Mascolo
Robert Cromeans
@ PhilipWolffHair
@ BuddyPorter
Matt Swinney
+ 10 more!

@ MattyConrad
@ MarkBustos
@ FernTheBarber
@ PopeTheBarber
@ ILikeToCutHair

Adir Abergel
@ MustafaAvci
@ NaeemahLaFond
@ NickStenson
@ AmmonCarver
@ Shmeggsandbaconn
+ 10 more!

@ Hairgod_Zito
@ BeScene
@ RebeccaTaylorHair
Chrystofer Benson
@ PresleyPoe
@ RossMichaelSalon
@ Alix_Maya
@ AlexisButterflyLoft
@ JustinIsaac
+ 20 more!

THE BTC SHOW offers stylists unique, unprecedented opportunities, including:
• Over 20 Mainstage Presentations
• Celebrity Stylist Panel
• Social Media Panel
• Interactive Balayage Collaboration
• Interactive Haircutting Collaboration
• #ONESHOT Hair Awards (
• Monday Night Party
• One-on-One time with the best in the biz
• Education you can bring back to the salon
• A POOL PARTY with your industry favorites

It’s hard to describe. That feeling when the lights go down and the show opens. There’s a tingling, nerves….an expectation of that feeling everyone’s told you about who has been and you’re wondering if you’ll experience it for yourself. Should you take the time? Make the investment? Will you meet people who are like you…..who want something they know is inside them? That “something” you feel nobody else can see? The answer is YES. You’ll feel it. You’ll experience it all. Everyone does because it grabs a hold of you and never lets go and it’s why over 3,000 hairdressers make the pilgrimage to THE BTC SHOW each year, so they can get that feeling again.

2018 is our largest show yet! In San Antonio, August 26-28, with our BTC #oneshot Awards on Sunday night! We have the biggest names of any stage in the world. We’re bringing you what you need to learn on stage and what you need to learn off stage. This is your time to join us. You owe it to yourself to feel this feeling nobody can describe… just have to be there. JOIN US FOR THE BTC SHOW 2018… will never be the same!

A show unlike any other, what makes THE BTC SHOW so special is that it asks its audience to get really vulnerable. Each year’s show has theme built around a feeling, an all-encompassing ambience that the audience can experience. Without a doubt, after one BTC SHOW, you leave as a different person than the one you arrived as.

LAST YEAR’S Lineup Included:
@prettylittleombre, Rebecca Taylor, Kim Vō, Mustafa Avci, Larisa Love, Robert Cromeans, Mark Bustos, Matty Conrad, @BeScene, Rickey Zito, Stephanie Brinkerhoff, @domdomhair AND SO MANY MORE!

THE BTC SHOW WAS THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE. Being surrounded by such creative and AMAZINGLY TALENTED individuals has inspired me and has me hyper-focused on my goals. The first day of #thebtcshow, I was so, so anxious to be surrounded by so many talented people (some of which I had been following for years) that I had never met in person. But I was totally put at ease. I know I will love going to the next 30 years of industry events with the friendships I made there. SEE Y’ALL NEXT YEAR! [email protected]

For the 3 days of #thebtcshow, I was immersed in Industry Bliss. I witnessed some of the world’s best compete and educate our peers on a level of excellence and integrity with such creativity and class. Each day I honestly didn’t want to miss ANYTHING. I’m a licensed educator, salon owner and hairstylist, and am somewhat sad it’s over, yet I get to go home and apply all the things I’ve learned. If you’ve never had the opportunity to attend, I encourage you to plan for next year. While I had the chance to bond with new friends, I also had the privilege of meeting new. @marybehindthechair, THANK YOU FOR YOUR LABOR OF LOVE. Thank you for creating a platform where we can come together from everywhere in the world (literally) and just be open to the experience. [email protected]

I have never been so inspired in my entire life. This experience has been LIFE CHANGING. I’ve never been so speechless and I’ve never met SO many talented human beings. I am so excited to grow in this career. This is just the start for me and I am excited for the journey and every person that will be a part of it. THANK YOU @behindthechair_com for guiding my VISION.

I can’t even put into words what this show meant to me. I came here on my own… for my first time traveling and staying alone… all because I wanted to see this show and the lack of commitment from people around me was not going to hold me back. I think I cried 5 times! I was just so happy to be in attendance with so many inspirational people that I’ve idolized for so long. I’m a single mom and a salon owner. I don’t live a lavish life. But I’d save all year to attend this show again. It’s worth it for the year of drive and inspiration I’ll receive in return!

I experienced the BEST 4 days of my life in Austin for @behindthechair_com #thebtcshow. I won myself back! I recharged & regained my confidence! Most importantly, I learned that I need to believe in myself & my vision! I loved meeting passionate & talented artists!! It felt like I had finally met my artistic soulmates❤ THANK YOU @marybehindthechair @behindthechair_com for all of your hard work to create such an amazing show full of unforgettable experiences & memories. – @joannaidalyhair

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the most amazing show I’ve ever been to. I’ve been a hairdresser for 36 years, and am still so passionate about what I do—but this show was off the charts…the most important message I give my staff and clients is to PAY IT FORWARD!!! The only way to be successful is to help other people become successful. God bless you and your amazing team for allowing us crazy hairdressers the opportunity to rise to higher places! –Suzette Audia

THE BTC SHOW was truly the MOST incredible and inspiring weekend of my career. I flew in hoping to connect with my idols and I am coming home with great friends. I feel blessed, I feel grateful, I feel proud. I’ve sacrificed so much—especially in the last year—and this experience is validation that I am on the right path. I am living my DREAM. Believe in yourself. –Monika Quatrano (@hairbymonika.q)

I have told all of my friends that that the THE BTC SHOW sets the precedence for excellence! It will forever change your thoughts about higher education. The BTC staff, Mary, and the sensational platform educators were so wonderful and friendly to everyone! –Joie Wallace

My days at THE BTC SHOW were some for the record books. As look at my published nominations in the magazine, I can’t help but think all my hard work has truly been acknowledged. Like I always say, “Do it with a passion or don’t do it at all.” It was truly the best hair show I have ever been to. [email protected]

Sitting here pondering the three days of THE BTC SHOW in Florida, and to say I left FULL is an understatement. I’m so grateful for everything that has happened in my life—good, bad, you name it—because all these roads have led me here. THANK YOU for this life-changing opportunity. I can’t say that enough. –Margarita Ford

THE BTC SHOW was an absolutely epic weekend. To see my work blown up on the big screen was a tear-jerker. To be a two-time nominee for this year’s #ONESHOT Awards is such a huge honor. Thank you—I will never forget this feeling. I will never forget the amazing friends I’ve made. I will never forget the support and love I’ve received from artists all over the country. There are so many beautiful reasons I do what I do, and this is definitely one of them. [email protected]

Just sitting here reflecting on my amazing trip to THE BTC SHOW! I’m the luckiest hairdresser in the world. Thanks mostly to Mary and the team for hosting a great show and #ONESHOT awards. @amandarourke624 thanks for being my partner in crime. @mattyconrad thanks for letting me tag along as your “work wife” ? and to all the best hairdressers, thanks for letting me pick your brains and share our craft. It’s an honor to be in this industry with you!! –Cassi Young Paxton

THE BTC SHOW was my first show and I can’t believe how inspiring it was. I got to meet and hang out with so many stylists that I admire and hope to be like one day. Thank you, Mary and BTC, for everything you have done. Your story truly touched my heart. I can only hope to inspire someone the way you have inspired all of us! –Anna Chung